Bob Parker PhD

I am a licensed psychologist and photographer based in Seattle.   In addition to a full-time clinical practice, I have a strong interest in social issues and how media can be used to inform about what is happening in the worlds around us and within us.  FocusReframed is my effort to promote greater awareness of socially relevant issues that may effect our lives as individuals and/or professionals.  Aspects of my professional work extend beyond the traditional therapy office.  I pursue my own photo-documentary projects and publish my work on these pages, as well as collaborate with others on their projects.  My collaboration and consultations have included an academy award nominated documentary film producer, being technical consultant to a professional photojournalist documenting the activities of members of a group of the “Power Elite”  (studied by sociologists C. Wright Mills  and G. William Domhoff) titled “ Who Rules U.S .“, and other professionals who have examine the role of Psychologists involvement in coercive interrogations and torture, and the traumatic effects of war on a family member of a deceased soldier.  My photographs have been included in documentary films produced for Newsweek.com ( A Shrink’s Hippocratic Oath ), and for independent films “ Interrogation Psychologists: The Making of a Professional Crisis”, “ Interrogate This: Psychologists Take on Terror“, and “ The Corporal’s Boots”.   I have also worked closely with the director and producer of the award winning documentary film “ The Welcome”.

My involvement with non-profit media organizations include: the teaching faculty at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle (PCNW), consultant to the Director of Education of PCNW on social documentary programming, Trustee (2004-2006) of Seattle’s internationally recognized 911 Media Arts Center, and member of the Advisory Board member (2007-2008) to 911 Media Arts Center.