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3 responses to Ever wake one morning and wonder…..

  1. tony marsella June 10, 2008 at 4:47 am

    The thoughts are frightening in their timelessness. I remain bewildered by the probelms before us – yes, it is the system, but the system is so large and so complex that there seems to be no meaningful way to address the problem. How do you change a military-industrial-legislative complex that is so massive in its weath and power and self-serving interests? The M-I-L Complex has its tentacles in our economic, governmental, cultural, media, and educational systems. It can easily neutralize any complaints by pointing out its spurious virtues.

  2. Thanks Bob for the time warp to Vietnam. It is a deja vue definitely. Now that Obama is the Democratic candidate, I think that the country is in for some hot hot debate on the Iraq war (a) and its effect on our economy (b). It has going to have to happen because, this time, the candidates are polar opposites.

    The internet info explosion and blog like this one are having an effect on the country waking up. But no one is saying it will be easy.

  3. O yes. The Ramparts article is spot on!