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2 responses to How Does this Fit?

  1. I have often thought about the insidious nature of gradual change with respect to our crumbling electoral process. First issues take a back seat to form and image, thanks to television. TV requires awesome amounts of money, leading to government of the rich, by the rich & for the rich.
    We all know about the use of Florida troopers to keep people from the polls. Now many states have increasingly expensive identity systems to ferret out a handful of fraudulent voters, posing the spectre that thousands of elderly and poor citizens will be disenfranchised.
    A partisan supreme court inappropriately injected itself into the Florida electoral process in 2000. This is common knowledge. Far fewer people know about the statistical analysis of voting irregularities in Ohio. The statisticians and authors of a scholarly book on the topic hypothesized that systematic efforts to steal the election by rigging voting machines would be concentrated in safe Republican districts, where unexpectedly high Bush counts would be less surprising, and less likely to lead to outrage. With this in mind, the authors compared actual vote tallies with exit polling in all Ohio precincts. In Democrat-dominated districts, there were were no differences between exit polls and official tallies. As predicted in Republican-dominated districts, the offical tallies for Bush were significantly higher than people reported when exiting the polling places. Combined with voters’ reports of seeing their votes erroneously register for Bush, and the inadequate numbers of voting machines provided in Democratic districts, I conclude that the 2004 election may have been stolen in Ohio.
    I was shocked to hear in 2004 that the US does not have enough safeguards against voting irregularities to meet international standards. I would very much like to see our elections certified by international observers. We are losing our rights as citizens to choose our representatives by free and fair elections.

  2. Hi Dr Parker. This is very timely and very scary for that reason.