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One response to Reflections from the dark side

  1. In chapters 14 and 15 of my book, The Lucifer Effect, I detail the evidence supporting the conclusion that the abuses and torture of Iraqi detainees by Army Reserve MPs at Abu Ghraib Tier 1A was the result of their being forced to function in a “bad barrel” rather than that the abuses were the product of a few “bad apples,” or “rogue soldiers,” as the Military and Bush administration chains of commands alleged. It was a corrupted, ineffective System that created the horrendous conditions in that dungeon where good American Soldiers were put in harm’s way and then dishonorably discharged and imprisoned for their crimes –while not a single senior officer was even reprimanded. Brig. Gen. Antonio Taguba, in his detailed investigation lists the names of officers who were derelict in their duty and guilty of command ir-responsiblity (summarized in my chp. 15), was fired by hired ups for naming names! The shame of the war continues to spread and will be an enduring legacy of this administration.
    On my web site, http://www.LuciferEffect.com, you can vote for the guilt or innocence of the architects of the system of abusive interrogation- George Tenet, CIA, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush– over 2,000 citizens have voted already.
    Phil Zimbardo