American Psychological Association and Torture

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Symbol of controversy at the APA Convention in August, 2007 regarding the roles of Psychologists in coercive interrogations and torture in places like Guantanamo and CIA “black sites. (click “read on” just below  to read the full post)

The APA Council of Representatives voted to ban a number of specific torture techniques such as waterboarding, mock executions, rape, sexual humiliation, and cultural and religious humiliation, however isolation, sensory and/or sleep deprivation is OK as long as it is not “used in a a manner that represents severe pain or suffering or in a manner that a reasonable person would judge to cause lasting harm” . A motion to enforce a moratorium on Psychologists’ participation in interrogation procedures failed to gain support, and an amendment to restrict Psychologists’ roles to the provision of psychological health care in settings where detainees are deprived of “adequate” human rights protections was defeated by a “large majority” according to an article in the “Monitor on Psychology” (Nov. 2007, p.22), however actual vote counts were not reported.

Below are photographs from the gallery “APA Convention 8/07″. Click the thumbnail photographs in sequence for full-frame views.

Images from the gallery: “APA meets Abu Ghraib”:

The protest over APA policy at the beginning of the San Francisco convention

The uproar at the APA Town Hall meeting following an announcement threatening to eject the media from the meeting

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